Upgrade Sky Package & Enjoy with the Latest Offers

Sky has always been the best in regards of providing the services to its customers. Whether it is the broadcasted channels or the multirooms, it has been on the top of the list. With the new inventions daily, sky also tries to give new and interesting offers to its customers.

Are You Ready to Upgrade Sky Package?

If you are not, it’s great news because now you can check out all the latest upgrades and deals below before making a smart decision.

1) Sky package upgrade with go extra upgrade: This upgrade package works for only existing customers.

  • With go extra update, you can download your shows to watch them out anywhere.
  • You can record them so that you can watch them later without any internet connection.
  • For this Sky package upgrade, there is a zero month contract and also as you register it, you will get the subscription free for first two months. After that you will have to pay £5 per month. The total cost for 1 year is £50.

2) Upgrade sky package with Sky HD Family latest Bundle Upgrade: All existing customers of Sky can avail this one easily and enjoy following benefits:

  • With this package upgrade, you will be getting upgrade from multiplicity to the Sky HD family bundle.
  • There will be additional 45 High Definition TV channels that you can watch over, according to your wish.
  • You will be getting a library of around 300 sky set up boxes.
  • Upgrade sky package with this scheme at a contract of 12 month and there is no upfront cost. The cost for every month will be £6 and the total 1 year cost will be £72.

3) Sky upgrade package with Sky Multiscreen Upgrade for Existing Customers

  • With this package, if you want to watch a movie, you can watch it in one room and at the same time, the other person can watch match in the other room.
  • You will be getting set up with this Upgrade sky package and a free sky multiscreen box. For this you have to just pay £6p/m for the first 12 months.

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