Upgrade to Sky HD Multiroom and Watch TV Everywhere

Sky has been a trusted network all over UK for providing best and consistent services. It has always been keeping its users updated with latest news, movies, shows, etc. This time we are giving you a much better and interesting upgrade and i.e. the Upgrade to Sky HD Multiroom.

Here is Sky is uniquely offering Upgrade to Sky Multiroom, where you will be able to watch any channel anytime inside one home. Let us take a quick look to this Sky Multiroom upgrade:

Why upgrade to sky HD Multiroom is right for your family?

  • With the help of Sky multiroom, the whole family can have fun by watching the TV program they love.
  • If you want to watch a movie, you can watch it in one room and at the same time, the other person can watch sports in the other room.
  • To make an upgrade to Multiroom, you will get a second SKY box installed in another room within your home for just an extra¬†$25¬†per month. Also, if you are new to sky, you can get a free Sky HD Multiscreen box.

So, join us quickly and avail this offer.

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