Impressive Sky Sports Offers for Existing Customers

Sky is one of the leading entertainment companies with a presence in European countries such as UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria, and Italy. One of the trendsetters in customer service among companies offering TV, broadband and phone services, Sky Sports – a channel owned by the Sky Network – has come up with a number of interesting deals for existing customers. Here are details of the Sky sports deals that have been specifically developed keeping the existing customers in mind: –

Sky Sports Bundle Deal Offers for Existing Customers

Existing customers who opt for this type of Sky Sports deals will be offered an original TV bundle along with 7 sports channels. Keeping in touch with the popularity of football across the UK, the channel offers viewers with the chance to watch 116 live Premier League games. The Sky Sports cost of this package is £46.90 in a month. The duration of the plan is 12 months. Existing customers will get +£20 cashback and free Sky+HD Box, and more than 30+ channels with HD.

Another interesting part of these Sky Sports existing deals is that existing customers can acquire reduced prices online rentals on making an upfront payment for 12 months. For customers who would like to improve their Sky package, they can compare the deals that have been mentioned in Sky’s official website. There are quite a few ways to upgrade Sky Sports TV deals on which sufficient information is available on the company’s website. But while deciding, the user will need to take into account the price of the deal, features, as well as length of contract so as to opt for a package that serves their needs perfectly.

The availability of Sky Sports offers for existing customers tends to vary if the user upgrades his Sky broadband. The customers can also make use of Sky’s availability checker in order to have a clear idea about the exact type of services that they can acquire. Sky will provide them with a list of Sky Sports package deals that is available to them, including the ones that will help them to reduce their monthly costs.

Moreover, existing customers looking for Sky sports offers can upgrade their equipment for free. But for doing so, the customer will need to sign up for a period of another year, so as to gain the free service. But one unique feature of Sky Sports offers for existing customers is that they require a commitment of 31 days only. Therefore, if a user wants to cancel after one a period of one month, all that he will needto do is to call the Sky team who will terminate the contract without the need for any type of payment.


As for existing customers who would want to add Sky Sports as an add-on channel to their TV package, they won’t need to install any new equipment as part of their up gradation process. But, in case they have an old set-top box and desire to upgrade to high definition, then it will be essential for them to install a Sky+HD TV box so as to gain a full HD experience. Sky Sports will offer such a customer with a new set-top box and will send an engineer to the person’s residence in order to make the swap for free.

As for people who like Sky Sports package deals for existing customers, all that they will need to do is to click on the big blue ‘See Deal’ button, which is located next to each package on Sky’s website. Once they do so, they will be transferred to the company’s website where they will come across further details related to the Sky Sports monthly cost. If a customer is happy, then he can go for the deal and enjoy all the benefits of up gradation.

All that a subscriber needs to do is to add his personal details and Sky ID, which he will use while logging into his Sky account. It will be a quick and hassle free process. As for customers who do not have internet access, they can upgrade their existing deals by calling the customer service team of Sky. However, apart from monthly costs on Sky Sports, there are some other factors that a customer will need to keep in mind. This includes the exact service that he wants to upgrade to, whether he wants to upgrade his TV package with HD, whether he wants to bundle his package or not and if he needs new equipment. Other factors that need to be considered includes the time duration to which his upgrade contract will last.

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