Sky TV Prices Of Packages And Bundles

As technology has evolved, so has entertainment. These days every household needs a TV set to relax and stay updated with the world to consume stories that reflect various emotions of life. The need to TV sets and network channels have increased too. Sky TV is a network providing service that serves channel packages that fits the entertainment quota of people residing in the UK.

Sky TV packages prices

The Sky TV bundle prices depend on the selection channels made by the user. The SKY TV packages depend upon your interests and kind of bundle you choose to watch. Depending on the kind of package and bundle, the prices of Sky TV is decided. The Sky Bundle costs depend on the number of channels you opt for. Following are the SKY bundle prices and the division of various channels:


  • Sky Original Bundle Price: £20 per month
  • Sky Variety Bundle Price: £32 per month
  • Sky Box Sets Bundle: £38 per month

Sky Q

  • Variety & Sky Q 2TB Box: £ 32 per month
  • Box Sets & Sky Q 2TB Box: £38 per month

Sky TV packages and prices

Let’s take you deep dive into the various SKY TV packages and prices
Sky Q: This is the GenNext of Sky TV and provides the best to all users. The Sky Q consists of the following two bundles:

Variety and SQ 2TB Box:

  • 300+ Channels
  • 65+ entertainment channels
  • 11 free-to-air HD channels
  • 240 free-to-air channels
  • 4,000 episodes of kids’ shows
  • Box Sets & Sky Q2TB Box
  • 350+ Channels
  • 65+ entertainment channels
  • 50+ HD channels
  • 240 free-to-air channels
  • 4,000 episodes of kids’ shows
  • 350+ Sky Box Sets

Sky +: Similar features like the Sky Q. It has a pause and rewind live TV option. You can start recording at the touch of a button. This consists of original, variety and box sets bundle.

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