Sky Tv Original & Variety Bundle – What’s Your Pick?

Sky TV offers great TV packages and bundles to choose from! But the best of them are the Sky TV Original Bundle and The Sky TV Variety Bundle. So which one are you going to pick?

Sky TV Original Bundle

Worlds biggest TV Shows and award winning entertainment across 25 channels – all of which aren’t available on Free TV – are now available for the convenience of your home.

For all the new customers, you can get the Original Bundle for £20 with a free 32” LG TV or a Lenovo Laptop or a £100 reward. You get over 30 TV Channels, Catch Up TV, Sky+ and Sky Go as value adds.

Sky TV Variety Bundle

For everyone who is a TV lover – whether drama queens, fact geeks, music fans and kids, there is something for everyone in this beautifully curated bundle.

For the new Sky Customers, you can get this at £32 a month, along with a free 32” LG TV or a Lenovo Laptop or a £100 reward. For the new customers, get it at an addition of £10.50 a month. Enjoy over 65 channels of various genres, Kids TV, Catch Up TV and Sky Go with this Bundle.

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