All About Sky TV Basic Package Channels

Stories are so intriguing. They help us think and imagine and leave a long-lasting impression in our minds. Television has become an important part of our lives because we want to consume such stories. SKY TV is one of the leading telecommunication providers in the UK. SKY TV is flexible and provides channels that fits deem to the viewers.

The Sky TV Basic Package:

The Sky TV Basic Package is also known as the original bundle. The SKY TV Basic Package is a latest set-top box that comes under the Sky+ category. In this package the user can pause and rewind live TV. You can record all of your favourite shows for a time of 185 hours.

The SKY Basic Package Channels

The SKY Basic channels includes more than about 280 channels that’s spans over a wide range of various entertaining genres. The Major channels from this package are as below:

BBC1, ITV BBC2 and Channel 4 along with Sky TV’s main channels- Sky Atlantic, Sky Living and Sky 1 which are included in this package.

There are various additional channels that can be added to this SKY basic package to provide a variety of channels that are popular among everybody in the country. This package includes a great choice and wide array of channels which means all users have a control over what channels they would want to watch for their entertainment.

The basic SKY TV package comes for £20 per month and includes many other features.

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