Sky Subscription Cost & Prices

Sit back and relax, we are turning the TV on now! We always consider TV to be a similar machine for relaxation. SKY TV is one of the important network and communication providers in the US. It provides great quality telecommunication that fits the latest technology and is quite updated. These Sky TV packages are very flexible and provide a great selection of Sky TV channels to meet its customers need. SKY TV also has various bundles that suit the need of entertainment for many. The basic TV package of SKY is the original bundle. Users can keep adding extra channels to it as per their needs.

Sky Subscription

Sky provides it users to with two kinds of packages. Users can subscribe to any of these packages that have bundles according to their needs. These entertainment boxes provide a great amalgamation of latest technology and entertainment.

Sky Q: This is considered to be the next generation of Sky TV, and this entertainment box is the one for all the users.

  • Get to experience the new age of the next generation entertainment box.
  • With this users can enjoy limited time price offer.
  • More recording and storage is available.
  • Sky Q 2TB entertainment box is ultra HD.
  • Amazing range of UHD content.

Sky +: All features are similar to the Sky Q. This package has a pause and rewinds live TV option. You can start recording at the touch of a button on the remote and the box.

Sky Subscription Cost

The Sky Subscription prices depend on upon the kind of bundle and package that you have selected. Following are the SKY bundle prices and the division of various channels:


  • Sky Original Bundle Price: £20 per month
  • Sky Variety Bundle Price: £32 per month
  • Sky Box Sets Bundle: £38 per month

Sky Q

  • Variety & Sky Q 2TB Box: £ 32 per month
  • Box Sets & Sky Q 2TB Box: £38 per month

Sky Subscription Features:

Following are the three important features you will find in SKY TV

Sky+HD Box: This box comes with an inbuilt Wi-Fi system so that you can pause, rewind shows and record live TV at a touch of the button.

Catch Up TV: With this feature in Sky Basic Package you can catch episodes from the last 30 days.

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