March 7, 2017

Sky Lifestyle Channels

Sky covers the full range ultimate lifestyle channels that are available 24 hours with your favorite shows. A great collection of lifestyle channels is offered by Sky in its different packages that will give you the opportunity to select what channels and shows you want to watch. Either you are passionate about food, travel, home designing or clothes, the sky will make you aware about all the latest trends in these categories through sky lifestyle channels.

List of some lifestyle channels are:

  • Home
  • Discovery Real Time
  • Discovery Shed
  • Good Food
  • Reality
  • Travel Channel
  • Style Network
  • Food Network
  • Wedding TV
  • Luxury Life
  • Horse &country TV
  • The Active Channel
  • Fitness TV
  • Good Food HD
  • Holiday+Cruise

These lifestyle channels are available on Sky TV in high definition quality. By selecting a subscription that suits your need, you will be able to enjoy these channels anytime and anywhere.