February 9, 2017

Sky Cinema

Sky Cinema is the dedicated movie subscription service in Europe as Sky’s entertainment services in Austria, Germany, and Italy. It is the television film channel operated in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland by Sky plc.

Movies on Sky

Sky cinema subscription television film channels operated in the Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom by Sky plc. The channel has over 10 million subscribers via satellite and cable. Watch movies online and catch all the tears, laughs, and thrills from the latest films and classics. See the new movies available now and the ones that are coming soon.

With the launch of the Cinema, the company is promising a new sky cinema premieres every day of the week. These include Spectre, Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, Steve Jobs, Bridge of Spies, and The Danish Girl.

Sky Cinema on demand

On request, TV offers you a world of entertainment through your Sky + HD box including Catch Up Television and Box Sets. For accessing on demand, connect your Sky+HD box to a broadband network. This will not take very long, depending on the method of connection.

Through your sky cinema schedule you can download and watch:

  • Catch TV from last 30 days on up to 60 channels, like ITV Encore and Sky Atlantic, as well as you can enjoy services like BBC iPlayer and All 4.
  • 300-400 shows on the sets of Sky Box if you have the Family Bundle or Sky HD subscription.
    Over 2000 movies on demand if you have the Sky subscription.
  • You can rent or buy the latest releases through Sky Store.
  • If you are watching Live TV and missed the starting of a movie, press the green button to download it again and then watch it from the beginning. The feature is only available on selected channels and titles, and if the movie is on demand.

To use the Sky TV on demand:

  • To access, your HD box+Sky needs to be connected to the broadband network. If the box is attached to the broadband, it doesn’t need to be connected to phone line.
  • Press TV guide on your television remote.
  • Select Catch Up Television, Sets, Cinema or store.
  • Search for the movie you want to watch and download it in Standard or High Definition, depending on the formats available and Sky TV subscription of yours.
  • An on-screen message will appear as soon as it is available to watch or go to the Planner where you’ll find all your downloads.

Sky Cinema app

The application is accessible on Android, iPhone, and iPad and now it offers more features to make watching movies easier.

Get the Sky Cinema iOS app through iTunes or head to Google Play for Android users.

Functions include:

Record Time Selection

  • The most useful thing you can do with the app is recording movie straight to your Sky box. You can choose which time suits you and record the video of there’s multiple showings.

Cinema Finder

  • When looking at a movie at the cinema section, you’ll find when it is showing at your local cinema.

Certification Filter

  • When searching for the film, tap the certificate you don’t want to go beyond and then you won’t be exposed to anything that you don’t want to see.

Movie Reminder

  • Just tap on the reminder button, and it’s there on your calendar. You can watch the movies via app and record to your Sky+box. You can also click on Never miss to get updates when a film is showing, review reading, trailers, etc.

Here’s what you’ll get when you add Sky Cinema deals to your package:

  • A new channel every month that include Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Pixar.
  • New movie premiere every day.
  • World cinema standards.
  • Enhance HD as standard.
  • Watch the films that have already started on Live TV with restart feature.

Sky Cinema Listing

Forget about the advertisements and enjoy the movie with Sky Cinema. The bundle gives you 11 Cinema channels, showcasing the new releases and library of classic and contemporary cinema with genres like comedy, action, thriller, family, horror and scientific.

Watch movies on TV and demand with Sky Cinema package. Watch the latest movies available on demand and go. Rent the new releases with Sky store and get the bundle for just £40 a month+ a free £100 reward.

How much is Sky Cinema

There’s a little wait for 4K Ultra HD content on Sky Q, films in the high resolution will arrive later. The cinema will come with a better Sky Cinema HD quality as standard as well as improved audio for selected films. These are available for Sky+HD users and Sky Q.

Here’s what Sky will offer:

Original Bundle:

£10 in a month for six months, then £20 in a month. You’ll get 35 entertainment channels that include Sky Atlantic, Game of Thrones, Sky1, and Fox. 11 HD channels and 240 free air channels. Free Sky+HD 2TB Box price up to £249.

Sky Cinema Bundle:

£18.50 a month for six months, then £37 a month. You’ll get 35 entertainment channels, 11 movie channels, Disney, more than 1000 movies on demand, 11 HD channels, and 240 free air channels. Free Sky+HD 2TB Box worth up to £249.

Variety Bundle:

£20 in a month for six months, then £30 in a month. More than 80 entertainment channels that include documentaries, more than 2000 episodes of children’s shows. 11 HD channels and 240 free air channels. Free Sky+HD 2TB Box cost up to £249.

Family Bundle:

£26 a month for six months, then £36 a month. More than 80 entertainment channels including documentaries, over 2000 episodes of Children’s shows, more than 400 box sets including Elementary and Sopranos. Over 50 HD channels and 240 free air channels. Free Sky+HD 2TB Box worth up to £249.

Complete Bundle:

£61.25 for six months period, then £75.75 in a month. More than 90 entertainment channels including movie, sport, documentary and kids channel. 50 movie channels in HD, 1000 movies on demand and 300 box sets. 11 HD channels and 240 free air channels. Free Sky+HD 2TB Box price up to £249.

Sky Cinema Cost

Join the Sky TV for big screen dramas every month on Sky Atlantic. Select your bundle:

  • Original Bundle: £22 a month + £75 reward.
  • Variety Bundle: £32 a month + £75 reward.
  • Box Set Bundle: £38 a month + £75 reward.
  • Cinema Bundle: £40 a month + £75 reward.
  • Sports Bundle: £49.50 a month + £75 bonus.
  • Complete Bundle: £80 a month + £75 reward.

Sky Cinema offer its new customers to sign up the movies for half price over the first half.