April 10, 2017

Sky HD Box

The Sky TV is already a vital part of about 11 million homes and person everyday’s life. You also need to add this marvelous service to your daily life if you want to have a great entertainment evening at the end of you hectic and tired day. For buying Sky tv, you need to know some important points for installing it in your home. Here you will get essential information which helps you from buying to putting Sky HD box in your drawing room for unmatchable, continuous entertainment service for 24*7.

There are some basic steps you need to do:

Creating a Sky id – You need to create a Sky id of yours from where you can control all the actions regarding your Sky service, and from here you can order your Sky TV connection with HD box

Managing your Sky account – There is flexibility in the process you can manage your account with the options over here, track your order want to change bundle or tv or setup box you can do all from your Sky account.

Help – If you want any help you will get it from here, any assistance you need will be instantly served from the Sky community.

These are the accessories and things you will get with your Sky HD box:

  • A box
  • Box remote
  • One cable for HDMI connection
  • One cable for power
  • Two AA remote batteries

If you are an existing Sky user, you can also upgrade your connection to Sky+ HD. Sky+ HD box will make you feel the extremely high quality of picture and every detailed entertainment experience in high definition.

Sky HD Box Wifi

Your Sky HD box also connects with wifi router and enjoy the unlimited lightning fast internet speed on Sky tv. You need to follow these steps below for establishing a secure wifi connection.

Firstly, you need to do Sky HD box set

  • Plug in the both satellite cables one by one in Dish input 1 and dish input 2 regardless of the no.If you have only 1 cable then put it in dish input 1.
  • Plug in the pink color port of your HDMI cable into the same color socket of the box and the black color socket into HDMI port of TV. Use a SCART cable, in the case of non- HDTV.
  • Plug in the blue color socket of the power cable into the same color port on the box, then turn on the box from main power.
  • Put viewing card in with the chip facing upside as mentioned on the chip and Wait at least for 3 minutes.
  • Turn ON Tv and press the source or input button to see the HD box channels.
  • Take the remote and insert batteries into it then press Sky button and wait till the standby light turns to green color.

With connecting your set up box to the wifi, you will able to access the internet on Sky tv for using unlimited Sky options.

Sky HD Box Reset

If something happened to the Sky box and stuck to the red light, then you need to reset it with the following steps:

  • Switch off Sky HD box using the power button.
  • First, switch to standby and then turn off any connected device (ex. TV).
  • Now check the Sky HD box and the connected devices from their power indicator they should be turn off.
  • Now switch on everything back including the tv and see the red light will turn on your HD box.
  • Press the Sky button on the Sky remote to turn the HD box on after waiting for at least 3 minutes. Now a green light is visible on the front side which indicates the HD box is on.

With the Sky box set, you get a proper user manual which guides you the right instruction to set up your tv and tell about all the features and how you can use it.

Tho’s manual is designed in the way it instructs with contents and tells all steps you should know and understand before enjoying your Sky tv service.

Manual is available in softcopy at Sky website you can download it, and you will also receive and hard copy with box.

With the help of manual, you will come to know what features it gives and which light table and accessories are for which use.You will also get the troubleshooting steps in the manual in case of issue with the box.

Manual is available with every Sky HD box, Sky plus HD box, and Sky box.

How to Connect Sky HD Box TO Wi-Fi

You need to steps below to connect your Sky HD box to wifi

  • Press the WPS button for 2 minutes on your router and with one minute of that immediately press the WPS button on HD box.
  • It must be showing amber light in front as it establishing a secure connection.
  • Then the light turn into solid amber color as the connection is successfully established.
  • A router without WPS button
  • Press services>settings>network using the remote.
  • Select Connect with secured Password option.
  • Select SSID wireless network If you are confused about the name, check the back side of your router.
  • Jus enter the password, then press the select button.
  • Sky HD Box Upgrade

If you wish to upgrade your existing Sky tv connection to the Sky HD you can replace your current Sky tv to the Sky HD box.For the entertainment with detailed quality and amazing picture, high-quality display you need to upgrade Sky tv.You will receive the Sky HD box kit and tools just need to install using the manual and enjoy the ultimate high definition ride of enjoyment without any interruption.


Sky HD box is easy to handle and set up, and the accessories are very handy. You just need to do very simple steps to buy and install Sky HD box in your home. From making Sky id to finally watching your favorite show on the Sky, TV is very simple and time-saving process. You can upgrade your connection very easily anytime using your Sky account.