April 10, 2017

Sky Box Sets

If you are a season junky, then sky box sets are made just for you, where you can enjoy every episode of your favorite season anytime at a single go. Sometimes you feel like watching any previous episode of a season or just want to start watching any ongoing famous season you heard of but need to start from the very beginning. Sky box sets are for those situations. Sky TV box sets cover a wide variety of entertainment shows categories like comedy, drama, reality shows; it got all covered. By selecting different tv bundle, you will get a range of box sets.

Sky Box Sets List

TV Shows like how I met your mother, scandal, fortified are included in sky box sets. All the genre like drama, comedy, entertainment is all covered in more than 350 box set list offered by the sky tv.

Here is the list of some sky box set available:-

  • Blacklist
  • Elementry
  • The Sopranos
  • Supergirl
  • The Affair
  • House of Lies
  • The West Wing
  • Nashville
  • The Strain
  • Chicago Fire
  • The Last Panthers
  • Aquarius
  • Mad Dogs
  • How I Met Your Mother
  • Alan Partridge
  • Stella
  • Father Ted
  • The Moaning of Life
  • Doll & Emma
  • Revenge
  • Scandal
  • Grey’s Anatomy
  • Criminal Minds
  • Lost

Above are some great seasons, box sets of these shows are available on bundle offers. Total more than 350 box sets are provided by Sky tv of amazing shows that gives you unmatchable entertainment ride. Sky box set prices are reasonable in comparison to the other offers provided by the other companies in the market. The impressive box set is available in the sky tv bundle.

Sky Box Set Cost

These sky tv box set will come with the package of the TV bundle you buy. For new customers, it will cost £38 per month with 18 months of minimum subscription. In addition to this, you will get more than 350 box sets of stunning and amazing shows that will take you on joyful entertainment ride, and for existing sky tv customer it will cost only £6 per month. The setup fee will also be charged.This Sky box set package consists of these amazing box sets that allow you to watch your favorite episode of seasons at anytime you want.

Sky Go Box sets

With the sky go, you can watch tv live on your compatible devices and take the fun of watching your favorite channels on your demand. You can also watch shows on demand, plus with the availability of box sets, you will be able to watch your favorite season from any of the box set listed more than 350 box sets. Just go to the app store, install sky go application on your compatible phone or any device and sign in with your Sky account in it, and you will be able to watch shows on sky box sets just in a single click.
Episodes available in these top sky box sets are in high definition and will play in a single go without any interruption.

Sky Box Upgrade

The existing customers of Sky tv can also upgrade their connection to get the amazing pack of a box set including more than 350 box set. Upgrading their usual sky tv pack to the box set will cost £6 per month and set up fee may charge with the minimum subscription of 18 months. The cost of upgrading to box set also depends on the current package you are using on sky tv. To upgrade, just go to sky tv website and sign in with your Sky account. Select update box set and make the payment and just after the setup, you will be able to see all 350 box sets on sky tv.


All the most famous and watched the season with their exciting latest episodes are collectively offered in the sky box sets. For being updated in the entertainment world and watch latest episodes of your favorite season get the subscription of sky box set. In this subscription, you will have more than 350 shows and makes it easier to watch your favorite season or show whenever you want to watch.