Sky Offers’ Existing Customers Better Discounts and Packages

Sky Network is one of the largest TV networks in Europe. To meet up with the changing needs of customers, Sky has come up with a number of exciting offers across its different channels. Here are details of the latest existing Sky customer offers: –

Sky Q Bundle & Unlimited Broadband for Sky TV Customers

Sky offers existing customers with Sky Q plus unlimited broadband, using which they can gain access to more than 50+HD channels and 300 box sets. What is unique about this Sky offer for existing customers is that they can pause in one room, and pick up the channel in another.

Using this special offer, customers can record 3 shows and watch the fourth with live+ store up to 150 hours with 1TB storage. They can get up to a speed of 17MB and do unlimited downloads. The period of the contract for this subscription plan is 18 months.

Sports offers for existing Sky customers

An ideal subscription plan for sports enthusiasts, it enables viewers to enjoy all sporting events on Sky Sports and highlights on demand along with Sky Go. They can also download their favourite shows to their tablet or mobile.

What is unique about these existing Sky customer offers is that they can enjoy Sky Sports on demand while being on the move with Sky Go. All seven Sky sports channels in HD can be availed by paying an extra sum of £5.25 per month. This plan has a 12-month contract.

Sky Movies for Sky Customers

What is exciting about this Sky existing customer offers is that they can avail 12 dedicated movie channels which include Sky Comedy and Sky Premiere. Moreover, they get the opportunity to enjoy new blockbusters on a weekly basis.

All that subscribers need to do is to upgrade to Sky Movies and view new movies each week. They will gain access to more than 1000 movies which they can view on demand with Sky Go. The plan has a 12-month contract.

The Family Bundle Upgrade for Sky TV customers

The USP of these Sky existing customer offers is that they can avail more than 50 entertainment channels as well as a vast selection of box sets on demand along with Sky 3D entertainment on demand with free Sky+HD box. They can avail this plan for 12 months at half price.

By upgrading to Family Bundle, existing customers can get a FREE SKY+HD box plus TV box sets on demand, with an M & S e-voucher worth up to £100. The period of the contract for this plan is 12 months. It costs £5 with £17.40-line rental.

Sky Multiscreen for Sky TV customers

This Sky offers to existing customers provides them with the option to enjoy Sky in each room of their residence using Sky Multiscreen. By adding Sky to another room, the entire family can enjoy what they want at any time.

By upgrading to Sky Multiscreen, they can get a free Sky Multiscreen box. The plan includes Sky Go Extra which is worth £5 a month. The plan comes with a 12-month contract. The cost of the plan is £11.25 per month.

Sky Go Extra for Sky TV customers

One of the most exciting Sky existing customer offers, it allows users to download their selected shows to as many as 4 devices, thereby enabling them to watch their favourite programs, irrespective of their location. They can avail it at half price for 12 months and watch Sky on the move without any need for 3G or Wi-Fi. The plan comes with a 12-month contract.

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