What are Sky Multiroom Offers?

Sky TV is a popular TV services provider that owns a number of well-known channels such as Sky Sports and Sky Movies. To satisfy the changing preferences of customers in the domain of entertainment, Sky has introduced a number of Sky multiroom offers in recent times. Here are some of the benefits youcan derive on availing a Sky multiroom offer:-

Watch the programs you love from different rooms

Sky Multiscreen will allow your entire family to view the programs that they love, and so no one will need to miss a serial or soap that they love. You can watch a blockbuster movie in your bedroom while your kids watch a live Premier League match in the other room. Moreover, if you have recently started using Sky Multiscreen, you will get a free Sky HD Multiscreen box.

The cost of this subscription plan is £32 per month. You will also be offered a number of attractive rewards such as a free 32’’ LG TV, Samsung Galaxy Tab E or a £100 reward. Set-up fees will be charged separately. The cost of using Sky Multiscreen is £12 per room every month for new as well as existing Sky TV customers.

Hassle free upgradation plan

People who are already using a Sky TV subscription plan can easily add Sky Multiscreen. They will need to pay an extra £12 per room every month for using Sky Multiscreen. They will also receive a free Sky HD multiscreen box and free standard set-up.

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