Sky Fibre Unlimited Speed & Review – What Sets Sky Fibre Apart!

All through the UK, there are various broadband service providers. Out of all of them, Sky and BT Infinity are the most popular networks. Each of these providers has its own advantages and disadvantages but we are going to tell you why Sky Fibre unlimited internet is best suited to your needs.

Sky Unlimited Fibre – What It Offers

Sky unlimited fibre offers packages starting at £10 a month – the only company to provide these rates. BT Infinity’s packages start from £15.

Sky Broadband is much better that BT Infinity when it comes to Bundling. The services provided are also satisfactory as the complaints being received are dropping year on year and since 2012, have received fewer complaints than BT Infinity providing seam less support and assistance.

Sky Fibre Deals

Take up a Sky Fibre subscription at no monthly cost i.e. FREE for 12 months. Also, the speed offered goes up to 38 Mb. BT Infinity does not have any free internet usage deal and the offers start from £10 a month, with internet speed up going up to 58 Mb.

Get Ready For Sky Fibre’s Unlimited Speed

Sky Fibre’s unlimited speed can be determined on the basis of package one chooses. A music album, 1 TV show on demand and a movie on demand – they all have their different speeds of download. The slowest speed offered by Sky is 5 Mbps and the fastest is 76 Mbps. In this speed bracket, the estimated fastest music album download takes 5 secs and the slowest is 1 min 20 secs. For a TV show, the fastest is 43 secs and the slowest is 10 mins 50 secs. For a movie, the fastest is 1 min 31 secs and the slowest is 23 mins.

If this sky fibre unlimited review has not convinced you to change your service provider now, then what will.

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