Multiple Options in Sky Bundles Deals

Sky TV is one of the most widely viewed TV and entertainment networks in the UK. The company owns a wide range of TV channels such as Sky Sports, Sky Movies, Sky Living etc. To cater to the ever changing preferences in entertainment for customers, the company has launched a number of Sky bundle offers. The price of each Sky bundle offer has been kept within an affordable range to suit the buying power of households spread across different parts of the UK. Details of some of these subscription plans are mentioned below: –

The Variety Bundle

The Sky bundles cost of the Variety Bundle is £32 a month. Customers who opt for this bundle can view several soaps, music programs and kids’ shows that are highly popular across Britain. They will also avail lucrative rewards such as a free 32’’ inch LG TV, which comes with the feature of virtual around sound, or a Samsung Galaxy Tab E that comes with a large 9.6’’ screen and 5MP camera.

Customers can also opt for a £100 voucher which they can spend at Tesco or, or a £100 Prepaid MasterCard® that they can spend anywhere they want to. As a part of this Sky bundles deals, Sky will also charge £10 as set up costs. The minimum time period for which this subscription plan can be availed is 12 months. Viewers will have access to more than 300 channels.

The Original Bundle

The Sky bundle deals of this type cost £20 per month. Customers who opt for the Original Bundle will receive attractive rewards such as a free 32’’ inch LG TV, a Samsung Galaxy Tab E, which is equipped with a big 9.6’’ screen and 5 MP camera. They can also use a £100 voucher to buy items of their choice from Tesco or

The set-up costs charged by Sky for this bundle is £10. The subscription plan has to be availed for a minimum period of 12 months. Customers who opt for this bundle will get the opportunity to view around 270 channels.

The Family Bundle

The cost of the Family Bundle is £38 per month. Customers who go for this bundle will get the opportunity to discover 350 Sky Box sets apart from having access to more than 50 channels in HD. As in the case of other bundles, the minimum time period for this plan is 12 months. £10 are charged as subscription costs.

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