Sky Broadband Unlimited Pro – Speed, Reviews And Everything You Want To Know

The Sky Broadband Unlimited is the perfect match for all your internet needs. 1 year free internet, with no usage limit, it will never slow you or your internet down! You can get it with or without Sky TV. For all of you who are new to Sky or even those who already have a subscription, you can get sky broadband unlimited pro free for one year after which all you have to pay is £10 a month along with the Sky Line Rental.

Why Choose Sky Broadband Limited?

Millions of people are part of the broadband network and in the UK, it is the fastest growing broadband provider! If this is not enough reason, it offers fantastic customer support and is the market leader when it comes to customer service! It doesn’t matter if you have a Sky TV Bundle or not, you can subscribe to unlimited sky broadband irrespective of it. If you are a BT, Talk-Talk, EE or Plusnet subscriber and want to switch to Sky, our Switch Squad is at your service and ensures that you are not without internet in the whole switching process.

Sky Broadband Unlimited – Value Additions

Subscribe with us and you not only get sky broadband unlimited speed but also various other value additons to make your internet experience as seamless as ever! You get an easy to use, secure and a self set up Sky Hub. When you are online, we ensure that our Sky Engineers are making sure you face no hiccups. They are the backstage heroes ensuring your experience is not hampered.

You also get the super awesome Sky Broadband Shield, which offers you internet protection and allows you to filter websites that are suitable for your home. Sky understands that you are using the broadband at home and wants to provide not only the user but every member of your home a seamless experience. Thus, the Sky Wifi. That too at no extra cost.

The Ultimate Sky Broadband and the Sky TV Package

As you have read above, the sky broadband unlimited review is pretty great, and we give you another addition! You can add the Sky TV to the Sky Broadband Package at your home. So with unlimited internet speeds and surfing, you also have access to some of your favorite shows spread over 35 great channels.

Join Sky TV online and get a 32” LG TV or a Lenovo laptop or a £100 reward of your choosing absolutely free! The TV Bundles start from £20 a month.

Sky Q available exclusively only with Sky TV and Sky Unlimited Broadband


It is only the Sky Broadband that works with the the exclusive service called Sky Q Hub creating wifi hotspots of your Sky Q boxes. Both of these cohesively work in consonance and give you the strongest signals and the best of coverages.This ensures that you can access your favorite shows on any of the household smart gadgets. Pause your show on the tv and start watching it from where you left off on your tablet anywhere in your home & at your convenience.

Sky Talk

Sky broadband’s unlimited cost is not the only reason why you should subscribe to our services. If you are a chatterbox and love talking to people, we also offer something called Sky Talk. They offer you various kinds of packages depending on your usability. Talk for hours on the phone or have a lot of work related calls, Sky Talk has something to offer for everyone. Sky unlimited broadband and calls – all under one roof.

Sky Broadband Unlimited – Packages and Offers

For the new customers, you get free internet and broadband for a year after which the charges are a mere £10 a month + Sky Line Rental Charges. Also, for the new customers you get a £100 M&S voucher with the subscription! For the already existing customers, the first year is free of cost, post which the charges are the same as above. However, the M&S Voucher is only for the newbies.

So what are you waiting for? Go get your Sky Broadband Unlimited Pro Subscription NOW!

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