Quick Tips for Easy Setup of Sky Broadband Installation

Sky is the biggest broadband service provider. If you are a new customer or recently switch your broadband to Sky, you might need assistance in setting up sky broadband installation. However, if you are using any other broadband services and planning to switch your connection, call the Sky Switch Squad.

Switch Squad will deal with your current broadband provider; you need to stay without the internet for few minutes. The only requirement is to have an active phone line to receive your calls.

Check Your Sky Hub Pack Before Set Up

After switching on your broadband, you must make sure to check with all devices received in Sky Hub pack, this includes:

  • Your Sky Hub
  • A grey ADSL cable
  • Two micro filters
  • The power lead for your Sky Hub
  • A black Ethernet cable
  • A setup guide
  • A connect card

Setting your Sky Hub for Sky Broadband Installation

This is easy and can be done by yourself, just follow the steps below:

1. Check you master phone socket, (from where the external phone line enters).
2. Unplug everything from this socket.
3. Connect one of the microfilters into master socket.
4. Connect the grey DSL cable to micro filters Sky hub port.
5. Now plug your telephone lead into Micro filters phone socket or Sky box
6. Connect the next end of Grey DSL cable with the Broadband port; this is at the back of Sky Hub.
7. Now connect the power cables and switch the hub on mains, you will see the lights flashing.
8. Observe the light and wait for it to stop blinking. The steady light will confirm the internet connectivity.

It is advised not to unplug or close your Sky Hub box, if you did not receive proper wireless signals then you can check with wireless booster tips. However, in the case of assistance, you can connect with the customer support.

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