All Your Questions About Sky Fibre Answered in this Sky Broadband Fibre Review.

BT Infinity and Sky Fibre are the 2 brands that are most popular in the UK. So to help you decide, here’s the Sky Broadband Fibre Review in a nutshell.

Sky Broadband Fibre – Quality Services

As a service, Sky Broadband is much better that BT Infinity when it comes to Bundling.The services provided are also satisfactory as the complaints being received are dropping year on year and since 2012, have received fewer complaints than BT.

The Routers of Sky and BT Infinity provide similar services, thus both are equally good. As for speed, Sky Fibre offers 76 MB speed, the best that is available. Sky Fibre and BT Infinity both offer unlimited usage but Sky Fibre takes the cake giving you 25 Gb a month unlike BT Infinity.

Sky Broadband Fibre – Scope of Betterment

BT Infinity is just better than Sky Fibre when it comes to Price (a difference of 3 pounds a month), the packages offered (BT offers all 12 month packages as opposed to Sky Fibre which has one 18 month package), in the Extra services provided and in the availability of the service across UK.

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