Learn More About Your Sky Broadband Connection Status & Speed

The sky is a large broadband service provider. It is impressively providing fast broadband and fibre connection for home and mobile devices. They are completely transparent with the level of connections and broadband speed. In additional, they help their users in verifying and learning their connection speed and fixing the bandwidth problems by themselves.

Types of Broadband Speed

If you own a sky broadband connection, you must be clear about the two different kinds of speed:

  • Access Line Speed: This is the speed between your local telephone exchange and the router set on your home. The speed of connection varies according to the distance between these two entities. However, this does not apply to the fibre connection as their cabinets are usually set on the nearest streets.
  • ThroughPut Speed: This is the actual speed that is utilized in mobile, computer, and other devices. This speed has affected by the location where the Wi-Fi Modem is set inside the house, some devices using the same Wi-Fi and type of internet downloads, etc.

How browsing affects the broadband speed?

If you observe a drop in your throughput speed, there are fair chances that someone is browsing heavy contents. This is due to downloading of large media like

  • Movies
  • Videos
  • Music
  • Playing games online

Another factor is the broadband package you have selected.

How to find the speed of your broadband?

There are occasions when you receive enough good speed, while at certain cases, you get annoyed with slow speed. You can find the current speed simply by typing “Broadband speed test” on search engines in any your device; follow the instructions to get the details.

If you did not get the expected result, consult the Sky support team or read the instruction to improve the speed.

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