Enjoy Unlimited Internet and Cable TV with Sky Broadband Bundles

When you think of extraordinary services, superfast internet, and premium cable TV, there is one stop solution- Sky. It is the leading provider for extremely high internet, voice and call services and demanding TV channels. Sky has come up with the exclusive combination packages to get all services under one package.

However if you are planning for an Internet connection with Cable TV, explore the best and affordable sky broadband bundles.

Why Opt for Sky Broadband Bundles?

  • It is the trusted and biggest digital TV provider
  • The sky was awarded as the best Broadband, Phone and TV provider for the year 2014.
  • Affordable package with maximum options
  • Discounts available on all the packages
  • Sky Squad manages switching to your existing connection

Details on TV and Broadband Bundles

Sky is offering the most convenient bundles or combination packs, keeping the customer’s utility and demands in mind. The current bundles are:

Sky Broadband 3 Mbps and Sky Cable Prepaid

  • Unlimited broadband with 3 Mbps speed with nominal service charges
  • Various Prepaid loads for Sky cable TV for 30 days
  • Get free prepaid load on each load type purchased
  • SD box with one-time installation fees
  • A free Wi-Fi modem

Sky Broadband 8Mbps and Sky Cable HD

  • Unlimited Broadband with 8Mbps speed
  • Exclusive discounts on all HD cable plan
  • Free Wi-Fi modem and HD Digibox

Sky Broadband 2Mbps and Sky Cable HD

  • Unlimited broadband with 2 Mbps speed
  • Additional discount on the selected HD Cable plan
  • You will get the Free HD Digibox and Wi-Fi modem

Sky Broadband 4Mbps and Sky Cable HD

  • Unlimited Skyboard band with 4 Mbps speed
  • Reasonable discount on any of the selected HD cable plan
  • Free HD Digibox and Wi-Fi Modem

You can subscribe for any of the bundles with the nominal monthly charges and get discounts on HD cable plan as per the Bundle you select. For any assistance, customer services are available 24X7 via chat, text, calls or tweets.

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