Get the Attractive Discounts on Sky Broadband & Talk

The sky is an award-winning services provider for broadband and talk services. With its exclusive coverage throughout the country, Sky offers you to switch your existing broadband or opt for a new connection.

What makes Sky Unique?

  • Sky is offering attractive discounts on unlimited packages
  • You will get wireless router, Sky hub with all equipment and Wi-Fi to entire home
  • Prompt and all time customer assistance as compared to other service providers
  • Switching is hassle free and will be done by Sky Switch Squad

Affordable Sky Broadband & Talk Packages

You can subscribe for any of the Sky broadband and talk packages that suit your requirements. These are the plans that you can select.

Broadband Unlimited at £5 a month

  • Offer duration: 12 months
  • After 12 months, the price will be £10 per month with Sky Talk at £0-£12 a month
  • Download speed up to 17 MB.
  • Separate contract and additional discount may be available for Sky Q if you apply for Sky TV

Sky Fibre at £5 a month

  • Offer duration: 12 months. After 12 months, standard price will be used at £10 per month with Sky Talk at £0-£12 a month
  • Activation fees will be £50 for existing customers, however, for new customers, the activation fee is £39.
  • Download speed will be up to 38 Mb.
  • Requires a compatible line else £20 connection charge may apply.
  • A separate contract will be made for Sky Fibre and Sky Talk.

Sky Fibre Unlimited at £10 a month

  • Offer duration is six months, after offer period, a standard price will be applied at £20 per month with Sky Talk at £0-£12 a month
  • The activation charge for existing customers £50, while new users will be charged a £39 activation fee.
  • Download speeds can be up to 17/38 Mb

So avail you Sky connection and enjoy the super speed unlimited internet.

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