Sky’s 12 Month Fibre Broadband Contract Now Available For A Fabulous Deal

The world of the internet has so much to offer and we believe you should be able to get the best of it. Thus, Sky Fibre brings for you extraordinary and superfast internet that will change the way you use it in this special exclusive online deal where it provides you 12 month fibre broadband at super rates – so you can surf, download, stream, play, chat and use the internet as you desire at great speed and without glitches.

Sky’s 12 Month Fibre Broadband Contract

In an exclusive deal, Sky Fibre Unlimited gives you a 12 month fibre broadband contract that provides you with unlimited, seamless and fast downloading and browsing with no monthly usage cap limit. It also comes with a free Sky Hub router.

In a special online only package, the 12 month fibre optic broadband deal comes with internet protection and a Sky Broadband Shield. As an added incentive, it also gives you a FREE £100 M&S voucher. Who knew getting your broadband connection would take you shopping?

Sky’s 12 Month Fibre Optic Broadband Deal – Discount

The speed that you will receive is upto 38 mbps and the monthly rental for the connection is £10 per month but you can avail the same offer for 50% discount on the rental for 12 months. Thu, all the facilities, the amazing speed, the unlimited browsing and the seamless internet experience will be availed by you at just £5 a month.

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