Read Sky Fibre Broadband Review and Make a Wise Choice

Sky Network is a leading broadband service based in the UK. It is used by many households scattered across different parts of the British Isles. If you are planning to opt for a subscription plan of Sky broadband, then it would be wise on your part to go through Sky Fibre broadband reviews. Here is a Sky Fibre broadband review that will help you to select a subscription plan that serves your needs perfectly: –


Extensive availability

There are 16 million homes across the UK that use Sky Fibre Unlimited and the number of users is increasing on a daily basis. However, houses that are located in densely populated parts of the country are likely to benefit from the alternate of faster broadband in the near future.

Once you check a Sky Fiber review, you should utilise Sky’s availability checker located on its website’s lower part to find out whether you are based in a fiber broadband area or not. In case you cannot avail Sky Fibre, you can acquire a normal Sky broadband, which has a speed up to 17 Mbps.

Useful extra features

Broadband coverage through Sky Fibre isn’t limited to home alone. This is a point which you are likely to come across in any Sky Fibre unlimited review. Sky has entered into a tie-up with The Cloud to offer free Wi-Fi in numerous hotspots across different parts of the country through the use of free Sky Wi-Fi app. Customers can also make use of Sky Broadband Shield to protect their systems from hackers and viruses.

It is highly useful for parents because of its controls and useful functions using which they can control the content, which their children have access to. They will also get a ‘pay as you call’ action plan, which shall be included as normal or with up gradation option for evening and weekend, anytime or international calls.


Sky Fiber doesn’t offer the fastest speeds

As in the case of many other broadband service providers, Sky Fiber doesn’t offer the fastest speeds. This is a major flaw, which customers often point out in Sky Fiber optic review. Customers have two speeds to select from – (1) up to 38 Mbps Sky Fiber Unlimited and (2) up to 76 Mbps Sky Fiber Unlimited Pro. In contrast, Virgin Media provides a top speed of 200 Mb.


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