Decoding Sky Fibre Broadband Speed – Everything You Need To Know About Your Broadband

With Sky Fibre internet, you can stream your favorite tv show or film, download unlimited music, a photo album or just browse the internet at amazing speeds i.e. at special Sky Fibre speed.

Here’s everything you need to know about Sky Fibre broadband speed – decoded by us specially for you.

Sky Fibre Internet – Download Speed

Sky Internet offers various speeds in its deals and basis the package picked, the download speed is determined.

A music album, 1 TV show on demand and a movie on demand – they all have their different speeds of download. The slowest speed offered by Sky is 5 Mbps and the fastest is 76 Mbps. In this speed bracket, the estimated fastest music album download takes 5 secs and the slowest is 1 min 20 secs. For a TV show, the fastest is 43 secs and the slowest is 1o mins 50 secs. For a movie, the fastest is 1 min 31 secs and the slowest is 23 mins.

Sky Internet Fibre – Speed Breakdown

For Sky Internet Fibre, the term Broadband Speed has two different usages. One is Access Line Speed (ALS) and the other is Throughput Speed (TS).

ALS is the data connection’s maximum speed between the telephone exchange and the broadband router. The TS is the actual download speed you will receive and experience during internet usage. The TS speed will be affected by various factors including but not limited to the number of devices connected, layout of the home, number of broadband subscribers etc. The TS speed will always be lesser than the ALS speed.

Sky Talk and Sky Fibre Broadband

You can also pick the amazing Sky Talk package – which allow seamless and uninterrupted conversations. All this at £4 a month plus Sky Line rentals.

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