Know About Sky Broadband Costs and Internet Deals

Sky is the largest and fastest growing broadband internet service provider in the British Isles. With an estimated customer base of around 16 million households across the UK, the company offers broadband services to people from different age groups. Here are some of the Sky internet deals that are available in the UK at present: –

Sky Broadband Unlimited

Customers who opt for this Sky broadband deal will be able to avail a download speed up to 17Mb. This subscription plan comes with the leverage of unlimited usage. Customers are offered with the facility of pay for calls you make. This subscription plan is available on opting for a 12-month usage. The package costs £120.

Sky Fiber Broadband

Customers who avail this subscription plan will get a download speed up to 38 Mb. They will be offered with a monthly usage limit of 25Mb. No calls are included in this subscription plan. Customers will need to pay for what they use. The subscription plan can be availed once a customer signs a 12-month contract. The Sky broadband cost for this subscription plan is £41.95 as an upfront cost.

People who opt for this plan will be able to avail this subscription plan and get Fiber broadband free for one whole year.

Sky Broadband Unlimited+Evening & Weekend Calls

People who opt for this Sky subscription plan will be able to avail downloading speed up to 17 Mb. Customers can make unlimited usage of the plan on a monthly basis. One of the new Sky broadband deals to be launched in the market, it costs £6.95 as upfront costs. It includes evening and weekend calls. It can be acquired on opting for a 12-month package.

This subscription plan is highly suitable for new Sky customers. People who opt for the plan will receive a £100 gift voucher from Sky. The first year cost of this subscription plan is £54.95. They will also need to pay £4per month and £14 per month after 12 months, along with £17.40 per month as line rental.

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