Let’s Compare The Latest Basic Sky Packages

The best thing to do when you need to relax is watching your favorite show on the TV. People love watching TV all around the world. Sky TV is such an entertainment providing pathway that is one of the leading telecommunication servers of the UK. Are you looking for a basic TV package then, here it is? Read on to know the features of this plan.

Sky Basic Package

The Sky Basic TV packages are very flexible, and they provide a wide range of TV channels that meet every individual’s viewing preferences. This basic Sky TV package is also known as the Original Bundle, and this package is designed to be customizable with more entertainment features. Let’s take a deep dive into it;

The Basic Sky Package: Original Bundle

-What is a basic sky package? It is the latest set-top box that falls under the Sky+ category, and the user can pause and rewind live TV. You can record all of your favourites and shows that you missed out with the feature of recording it for 185 hours of recording.

– This Original Bundle which is the basic package includes more than 40 premium channels that include Sky1 and the Sky Atlantic in addition to the other free air channels.

– This provides the TV platform to follows a series of dramas and other shows that the broadcaster can show like the Boardwalk Empire and many others.

Sky Packages in UK

The basic Sky TV package includes more than about 280 channels that spans over a wide range of entertaining genres. The Major channels from this package include BBC1, ITV BBC2 and Channel 4 along with Sky TV’s main channels- Sky Atlantic, Sky Living and Sky 1 which are included in this package. Additional channels can also be added to this basic package to provide a variety of channels that are popular among the young children of the country. This package includes a great choice of channels which means all people/users have control over what channels they would want to watch for their entertainment.

Compare Sky Prices

When you compare the basic original SKY TV package to any other packages, then this one has value for money. It provides a wide range of channels for £20 per month and includes other freebies like a 32” LG TV

Sky TV Basic Package

This kind of package comes with a holistic entertainment approach. This package includes the following:

Sky+HD Box

This box comes with an inbuilt Wi-Fi system so that you can pause, rewind shows and record live TV at a touch of the button.

Catch Up Tv

Did you miss out on the shows that everybody is talking about and trending on Social Media? With this feature in Sky Basic Package, you can catch episodes from the last 30 days.

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